CCTV-DVR updates


I purchased two of these kits (clearance items) from Officeworks online for $50 each.










Swann 5.5” B&W monitor, quite nifty.
Takes two cameras and has provision for auto switching between C1 and C2 and AV out for VCR recording.





The camera is small but robust. Kit includes 18m of camera cable (AV + 12V).







This photo gives you a feeling for the size. The IR LED’s don’t work that well.







This is the CCTV-DVR – a Dell P4.







The PCI card, amazing how well it works.









The PCI DVI card has 8 video and 4 audio channels.








This is the wireless camera, the cable from the back has video, audio and 12V RCA connectors.
Regardless of how you use the camera (wireless or wired) you still need to provide 240V for the camera power adaptor.
With lots of IR LED’s night vision is very good.



This is the wireless receiver, supplied camera is factory set for one of the 4 selectable 2.4G channels.

As you can see the one I got is set for channel three.

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